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At Standard Die International, we go above and beyond to deliver superior products precisely tailored to our customers' most stringent metal stamping requirements. We're dedicated to saving companies time and money by providing them with high-performance, defect-free products on time, every time.

What We Do

Standard Die is a full-service drawing and stamping company. Beyond drawing of standard steel products we also excel at obtaining exotic materials to meet your design requirements. Our team welcomes new and challenging material types to fit your project! We manufacture, clean, assemble and deliver unique premium parts. At every stage of production, you will enjoy the full support of our friendly, qualified Standard Die team.

Design & Engineering

Creative thinkers who can help solve your engineering challenges

We use the latest CAD software and other top of the line engineering programs to help bring your print or idea to life. Our experienced design engineers will help you to get the most competitive pricing and work alongside you throughout the process of creating your perfect product. 

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We make and service dies in-house saving you time and money

Our skilled expert Die Makers have worked in almost every industry imaginable; building our own dies, doing our own stamping and can suit any level of production: short-run, prototype, high volume, and more! We make the stamping process painless for you.

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Stamping & Deep Drawn Parts

Prototypes to large volumes. thicknesses from .002” to 0.15”

We’ve built our reputation on the precision and quality of our drawn cups, cans, crucibles and cones made from refractory metals. We work with every industry and have over 50 years of experience in working with the tightest tolerances and the most precious materials.

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Cleaning & Assembly

Our unique sd clean process ensures your parts will be pristine

The Standard Die cleaning process is environmentally friendly and ensures that your parts are spotless and ready for use as soon as you receive them. We can even assemble parts with unparalleled precision and alway perform our thorough quality check.  

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We ease your burden and save you time and money

We offer complete, secure, climate-controlled warehousing and vendor managed inventory services at Standard Die International. Ensure the logistics of your orders are on track with our client reports, EDI capability and lot control.

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Who We Serve

We’ve met these industries’ challenges. Let us meet yours.


From our roots supplying the auto industry through our growth making parts for the oil and gas industry, we’ve successfully served leading global companies requiring some of the most stringent specifications. Whether it’s a delicate bracket or a deep drawn tantalum cup, our experience creating these parts should help you believe that we could make your parts too.

We adapt to new industries, but our standards never change.


Before we begin making parts for any new customer we take time to carefully listen and find out their unique needs and specifications. We will form a partnership with you from the very beginning. Whatever your industry and need is, we will respect and absorb your knowledge, and strengthen it with our unique expertise of metal stamping. Working together, we will produce the finest quality parts. And our customer service will make sure your purchasing process is cost effective and painless.

We make customer service our top priority.


From the friendly voice of our receptionist to the very accessible brain trust of our top executives, we listen to your concerns and respond quickly and appropriately. We make the buying of metal stampings painless by cultivating a partnership environment with our customers and servicing them beyond expectations. We focus on each customer individually. Your calls will be answered quickly and you will be given regular job status reports. You’ll enjoy a one-on-one working relationship that is open, transparent and effective. We believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our customers and will make personal visits to your facilities to see your needs first hand. You’ll work directly with our design engineers and enjoy an active role in Standard Die’s design, manufacturing and delivery cycles.

Call us at (800) 838-5464

We’ll listen to your needs and give honest ideas on how we could strengthen your business.

Precision Metal Stamping

Our custom metal stamping capabilities enable us to manufacture speciality metal parts, form brackets to cans to rings and more. Standard Die specializes in close tolerances, using our extensive industry knowledge and experience to meet even the tightest, most unyielding stamping requirements without sacrificing quality. Our expert staff is highly skilled in drawing and stamping materials into unique shapes and thicknesses, finalizing most projects within seven days.

Our press room enables us to draw and stamp metals with the following competencies:

  • Air presses
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Line dies
  • Compound dies
  • Transfer presses
  • Mechanical presses
  • Progressive stampings


  • Lean manufacturing processes
  • Very low rate of defects
  • 50 years experience with thin gauge specialty metals
  • Quality Tool Box
  • Process-based quality management system


  • Complete confidentiality
  • One on one responsive service
  • Fast quotations
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Long-term customer relationships with little turnover
  • Delivery 7 days or less
  • Fastest reaction and turnaround in the industry

Full Capabilities, Stellar Service

We’re thin gauge specialty metal stampers with superior service.

Big parts. Small parts. Thin metals. Full capabilities. Stellar service.

Awards & Certifications

We settle for nothing less than the highest-quality parts. That’s why we maintain a superior Quality Management System that emphasizes proactive, risk-based thinking paired with lean manufacturing practices to deliver the greatest value to our customers.

Our dedication to quality has earned us many prestigious awards and certifications.

GE Six Sigma Award

GE Supplier of the Year (12x)

GE Six Sigma Award

GE Six Sigma Award

ISO9001:2015 Certified Award

ISO9001:2015 Certified

GE Six Sigma Award

GE Supplier of the Year (12x)

GE Six Sigma Award

GE Six Sigma Award

ISO9001:2015 Certified Award

ISO9001:2015 Certified

Design Engineers & Company Founder In 1974
“Design engineers George LaFleur (left) and Richard Felberg (center) working with owner, Al Menzies (right) on a proprietary design in 1974”

About Standard Die

History of excellence & service.


When Al Menzies Sr. established Standard Die over 50 years ago, his plan was simple: stand out from the competition. As the first metal stamper to the industrial diamond industry, he was unwilling to compromise his values. He made sure integrity, customer service and quality were integrated into every aspect of the business and, as a result, designed and manufactured some of the world’s finest products for the industrial diamond industry.

Our Mission:
“To make the purchasing of metal stampings painless.”

By pursuing this mission for more than five decades, we have grown from a start up tool and die operation to a world-class metal stamping company. With more than a billion parts delivered, we have provided precision drawing and stamping services to customers spanning the industrial diamond, automotive, aircraft, electrical and medical industries across the globe.

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When you work with Standard Die, you can expect a painless purchasing process paired with superior customer service

from our personal service representatives.

Turn to us as a long-term partner for your metal stamping requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our custom metal stamping capabilities today!

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