Metal Stamping for the Electric Vehicles Industry

Metal Stamping for the Electric Vehicles Industry

Metal stamping is a popular manufacturing process for producing electric vehicle (EV) parts. This method allows you to create high volumes of identical components, a necessary capability to meet today’s increasing demand for EVs.

As a cost-effective manufacturing method, stamping abilities can help your business reach its goals. We’re exploring how the electric car industry is expanding and how the need for high-precision metal stamping for electric vehicles is growing along with it.

EV Industry Trends

The electric car industry is growing at a rapid pace. In 2020, experts valued the global EV market at over $246 billion. By 2028, they anticipate it will reach $1.3 trillion. Such high demand for electric vehicles is changing the automotive industry as a whole.

The industry’s popularity and market share are skyrocketing thanks to consumer demand for:

  • Greater environmental friendliness: Individuals are looking for ways to combat global warming by reducing their carbon emissions and eliminating pollution. One popular solution is turning to electric vehicles instead of cars with combustion engines.
  • Better fuel economy: EVs typically have a higher fuel economy than conventional cars, which is essential for consumers looking to lower their fuel expenses.
  • Improved safety: More than ever, consumers are prioritizing safety when choosing a vehicle. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, electric cars’ safety ratings are at least as high as conventional options.

How Will EV Affect Metal Stamping?

With the increased demand for electric vehicles, there is a rising demand for specialized stamped metal EV parts. Stamping is a manufacturing process for producing highly specific configurations out of flat metal sheets and coils. This process supports the production of the complex and lightweight components that electric cars require.

The production of EV parts requires the following primary metal stamping capabilities:

  • Bending, which folds the metal along a straight axis.
  • Blanking, which cuts a workpiece in a way that removes the cut section from the material.
  • Coining, which uses force to form the metal sheet into the die’s shape.
  • Flanging, which bends the metals edge to create the connection point for additional parts.
  • Punching, which uses the die to cut holes in the material in a process similar to blanking.

These capabilities make it possible to create highly specific EV components, such as housings, terminals, heat shields and more.

Why the EV Industry Needs Metal Stampings

Why the EV Industry Needs Metal Stampings

With an increased demand for electric vehicles, there is also an incredible growth opportunity for stamping manufacturers. Metal stampings allow manufacturers to produce a high volume of uniform parts that meet precise and often complicated specifications. The electric car industry relies on this process for many of its components.

Some of EV’s critical uses for stamped components include the following:

  • Battery enclosures: Instead of a combustion engine, EVs’ power comes from a rechargeable battery pack filled with a series of small batteries and various cells. Manufacturers produce the enclosed charging box and battery housings from stamped materials thermally designed to combat overheating.
  • Presses and tooling: Stamping presses manufacture the battery cylinders that EVs utilize. As the need for more energy-efficient and high-speed presses grows, so does the demand for more time-efficient tooling processes that support manufacturing complex, high-quality parts.
  • Different materials: Gas-powered vehicles typically use stainless steel components, while electric cars often require aluminum or other lighter materials. Manufacturers are able to use stamping to craft lightweight aluminum parts, increasing EVs’ energy efficiency.

Custom Metal Stamping Abilities From Standard Die International

At Standard Die International, we manufacture EV components to meet your specific goals. Our wide variety of custom precision-stamped metal parts includes everything from shields to fasteners to busbar metal stamping for EVs.

Standard parts have predetermined sizes and shapes that may not meet your needs. When you opt for custom-made metal stamping components from us, you have more control over their:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Finish
  • Quality

With decades of experience, Standard Die ensures our stampings meet strict quality standards. We can tailor every detail of each part’s design to fit your unique requirements and our parts offer the superior performance that your electric car relies on.

Benefits of Custom Metal Stamping in the EV Industry

Opting for custom metal stamping instead of catalog options can be highly advantageous for your project. The following are some of the key benefits of custom metal stamping for EVs:

  • Durability: Customization allows you to choose the toughest and most durable materials for your components. Having this control makes custom parts a better option than standard ones.
  • Compatibility: When you have more control over your parts, you can ensure their design and fabrication is compatible with your other products.
  • More options: Opting for custom metal stamped parts for your electric vehicle allows you to choose from a wide variety of options.
  • Proprietary ownership: Choosing customization with Standard Die International gives proprietary ownership over your parts — none of your competitors will be able to copy your design.
  • Precision: When you go with custom metal stamping for your EV, you benefit from the accuracy of each part. They will perfectly suit your design and adhere to all your tolerances.
  • Volume: Custom metal stamping can also support the production of parts in high volumes, an important consideration for the automotive industry.

Learn How Standard Die International Can Help

With more than 50 years of experience, Standard Die International understands the ins and outs of metal stamping. We pride ourselves on our automotive industry expertise and can provide electric vehicle manufacturers with the engineering, stamping and specialty tooling services they need.

We can provide a vast range of precision-stamped metal parts for EVs that meets strict quality standards. When you work with us, your business can enjoy the benefits of our dedication to a long-term partnership.

Are you interested in learning more? Request a quote today or call us at 734-422-4430.

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