Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

Because advancements in technology continue to drive the medical industry, the need for superior instrumentation is higher than ever. Besides meeting industry guidelines and standards, these devices must adhere to the durability, safety and performance needs of medical product distributors and end users. With various processes to choose from, metal stamping offers a cost-effective method of producing these components with high accuracy and repeatability.

Standard Die International offers custom metal stamping services for various applications across the medical industry. We make buying metal-stamped medical devices painless by providing top-class customer service and transparent progress reports throughout each project phase. We use premium materials and advanced technology to ensure each component meets your specifications.

Kinds of Medical Parts We Make and Their Applications

At Standard Die International, we’re proud to offer our clients a comprehensive product range using various metal stamping processes. Our highly skilled team utilizes advanced tools and innovative technology to manufacture the components your application requires. Our engineers will work with you from the design phase through product completion to create the exact instrumentation you need.

The following are examples of the devices we make for companies in the medical industry:

  • Implantable medical devices: These intricate components must retain their shape and allow easy sterilization. Examples include battery packs, clamps, clips, and brackets.
  • Surgical tools: This category covers jaw housings, cleaning parts, brackets, washers and other unique components with strict tolerances.
  • Device enclosures: These parts involve permanent implantation into the human body and often contain titanium for added durability. Examples include pacemakers, pumps, cochlear implants and internal defibrillators.

Our products serve a comprehensive range of applications in the medical field, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, dental offices and diagnostic laboratories.

The Purpose of Metal Stamping for the Medical Industry

Few manufacturing processes come close to the consistency and repeatability of metal stamping. Because there is no room for error or variation in fabrication, strict accuracy is essential. Advanced metal stamping processes enable companies such as Standard Die International to produce even the most delicate and intricate components flawlessly and efficiently.

Our fabrication techniques allow us to work with materials like steel and titanium to ensure peak performance, including wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, our design and manufacturing processes allow a faster turnaround of custom medical parts compared to many other fabrication options.

Benefits of Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

Benefits of Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

Among the many benefits of metal stamping in the medical manufacturing industry are the following:

  • Higher accuracy: Our processes adhere to the tightest manufacturing standards while eliminating the chances of human error associated with other fabrication methods.
  • Increased quality: Strict quality control procedures ensure superior precision and high consistency throughout each manufacturing phase.
  • Cost-efficiency: The accuracy, speed and efficiency of metal stamping allows manufacturers, care providers and patients to help combat the challenges of rising health care costs.
  • Customization ability: Metal stamping offers the ability to customize parts using various materials while maintaining the highest tolerances.
  • Shorter lead times: Increased production times and fast machine speeds result in some of the industry’s quickest turnaround times.

Types of Precision Metal Stamping

Whether you require medical parts made from titanium, steel or another material, the equipment at Standard Die can handle all your manufacturing needs. Some of the highlights of our press room include:

  • Progressive stampings: Progressive stamping achieves multiple functions — like forming, bending and punching — simultaneously while maximizing efficiency and ensuring accuracy for even the most intricate parts.
  • Transfer presses: Transfer presses maintain strict precision and meet tight tolerances while transferring parts from station to station, often using multiple dies to perform various actions. This is a great solution for high volumes production.
  • Air presses: Air presses — also called pneumatic presses — are machines that use pressurized air to form and press metals.
  • Compound dies: Compound die stamping uses several tools that enable a press to perform multiple actions in a single pass, increasing manufacturing speed and efficiency.
  • Hydraulic presses: Although they are limited in speed, hydraulic presses offer increased pressure and variable stroke lengths to accommodate the toughest metallic materials.
  • Line dies: Line dies require manual feeding and are ideal for tryout and low-volume production runs that typically require specialized materials.
  • Mechanical presses: Mechanical presses use a motor connected to a flywheel mechanism to deliver high production speeds with excellent repeatability for relatively simple component designs.

Advantages of Partnering With Standard Die International

When you choose Standard Die International for your medical stamping needs, you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Medical-grade materials: We use only sanitized materials that meet medical standards and regulations.
  • Ability to maintain tight tolerances: Standard Die maintains the highest tolerances in each metal stamping process, regardless of the material or product design.
  • Customization capabilities: Our customization capabilities allow you to tailor your part’s design to meet your specific engineering needs.
  • Competitive pricing: We leverage our efficient equipment, diverse material resources and extensive manufacturing knowledge to offer some of the industry’s most competitive prices.
  • Fast service: Standard Die understands the urgent demand for instruments in the medical industry. That’s why we offer quick turnaround times, including immediate responses to quotes that enable you to make your purchasing decisions faster. You and your team will work directly with one of our design engineers and customer service representatives.

Contact Standard Die International Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how our metal stamping capabilities can benefit your medical device manufacturing application, the experts at Standard Die can help. Contact us online today to obtain a quote or request additional information.

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