Yellow Brass / Admiralty Brass


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Cups, Crucibles, Cans

Yellow brass is one of many brass alloy metals consisting mainly of copper and a lower percentage of zinc. Many parts can be stamped from brass as it performs well for cold forming. It is also easily hot worked and hot forged for parts such as propane tank valves. In the automobile industry, connectors, antennas, radiators and many other items are all made of yellow brass, and most of our keys are made of it. Its unique acoustic properties make it excellent for musical instruments.


Name: Brass
Standard State: Solid
Density: 8.47 g/cm3
Color: Bright gold appearance
Not Ferromagnetic

Malleability: Higher than bronze and zinc
Acoustics: Appropriate for musical instruments
Melting Point: Relatively low 900-940 (ºC) (904)
Casting: Easy

Physical Properties

Chemical Composition

Iron: .05%
Lead: .15%
Zinc: 31-36%
Copper: 65%

Mechanical Properties

Hardness, Rockwell F: 58
Hardness, HR30T: 15
Tensile Strength: 315 MPa
Yield Strength: 97 MPa
Elongation at Break: 65%
Shear Strength: 220 MPa

Thermal Properties

Thermal Expansion Co-Efficient (@20-300 ºC): 20.3 µm/m ºC
Thermal Conductivity Efficient (@20 ºC): 116.0 W/mK


Yellow Brass has a machinability rate of 30

Hot Working

Yellow Brass can be easily forged and hot worked

Cold Working

Yellow Brass performs very well for cold working

About Standard Die

Standard Die is a precision metal stamper specializing in small parts made from thin grade specialty metals. Mastering refractory metals like tantalum and titanium and common materials like copper and steel, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality product with the best customer service in the industry.
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