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Cobalt is a reflective, lustrous and hard alloying element resembling iron and nickel that is used in high- temperature, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloys. Some of these alloys are biocompatible and are used for orthopedic implants. Its cobalt blue tint enables it to be used most commonly for paint pigments.


Name: Cobalt
Symbol: Co
Atomic Number: 27
Atomic Weight: 58.933
Density: 8.832 g/cm
Standard State: Solid

Group in Periodic Table: 9
Period in Periodic Table: 4
Block in Periodic Table: d
CAS Registry ID: 7440-48-4

Physical Properties

Thermal Properties

Melting Point: 1495 °C
Boiling Point: 2900 °C
Thermal Conductivity: 69.04 W/m . K at 20 °C

Electrical Properties

Electrical Conductivity: 27.6% IACS at 20 °C
Electrical Resistivity: 52.5 nΩ . m at 20 °C, Temperature Coefficient, 5.31 nΩ . m per K

Magnetic Properties

Magnetic Permeability: Initial, 68; maximum, 245
Coercive Force: 708.3 A . m -1 for Hmax = 0.1 T
Saturation Magnetization: 1.87 T (4πIs)

Fabrication Characteristics

Workability: Annealed cobalt strip can be cold rolled to about 25% reduction in area between intermediate anneals

Mechanical Properties

Hardness: Annealed Strip: 65 HR45T
Poisson’s Ratio: .032
Elastic Modulus: Tension, 211 GPa; shear, 826 GPa; compression, 183 GPa
Velocity of sound: 5880 m/s for longitudinal bulk waves; 3100 m/s for shear waves

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