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The pure element of carbon comes in a variety of forms and appearances including black graphene, black and shiny graphite, black fullerenes and translucent diamond. It is special in that it forms solidly connected chains closed off by hydrogen atoms.

  • Impure carbon is used for smelting in the steel industry
  • Common uses for graphite are furnace linings and pencils
  • Carbon fiber is lightweight and strong and found in fishing rods, airplanes and more
  • Industrial diamond the world’s hardest material, is used for drilling and cutting


Name: Graphite / Carbon
Symbol: C
Atomic Number: 6
Atomic Mass: 12.011
Density: 3.513 (diamond)
2.2 (graphite)

Standard State: Solid

Group in Periodic Table: 14
Period in Periodic Table: 2
Block in Periodic Table: p
CAS Registry ID: 7440-44-0

Physical Properties

Atomic Data

Atomic Radius: 1.70
Covalent Radius: .75
Electronegativity (Pauling Scale): 2.55

Thermal Properties

Specific Heat Capacity: 709 (graphite)
Shear Modulus (GPa): 542 (diamond); 33 (graphite)

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