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One of a few elements that is ferromagnetic, Nickel is both hard and ductile. Nickel is versatile and can be used to alloy with most metals. It is often used for its resistance to corrosion and heat. Electrical resistance alloys are also made with nickel. Some applications included steam aircraft gas turbines, nuclear power systems and space vehicles.


Name: Nickel
Symbol: Ni
Atomic Number: 28
Atomic Weight: 58.71
Density: 8.902 g/cm3 at 25 °C
Standard State: Solid

Group in Periodic Table: 10
Period in Periodic Table: 4
Block in Periodic Table: d
CAS Registry ID: 7440-02-0

Physical Properties

Thermal Properties

Melting Point: 1453 °C
Boiling Point: Approximately 2730 °C
Thermal Conductivity: 82.9 W/m . K at 100 °C

Electrical Properties

Electrical Conductivity: Volumetric 25.2% IACS at 20 °C
Electrical Resistivity: 68.4 nΩ . m at 20 °C; temperature coefficient, 69.2 nΩ . m per K at 0 to 100 °C

Magnetic Properties

Magnetic Susceptibility: Ferromagnetic

Optical Properties

Color: Grayish White
Spectral Reflectance: 41.3% for λ= 0.30μm

Nuclear Properties

Effect of Neutron Irradiation: Results in small increase in tensile strength but large increase in yield strength

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Properties: Typical tensile strength, 317 MPa, 0.2% offset yield strength, 59 MPa; elongation, 30% in 50mm
Hardness: 64HV (annealed)
Elastic Modules: Shear, 25 GPa at 25 °C


Because of its great ductility, nickel can be hot and cold worked

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