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Often used for aerospace applications, niobium is a very fabricable metal that is ductile at room temperature, but strong at high temperatures. It is relatively light weight, has good corrosion resistance and a unique resistance to radiation damage. Niobium is also a superconductor material.


Name: Niobium
Symbol: Nb
Atomic Number: 41
Atomic Weight: 92.9064
Density: 8.58 g/cm3
Standard State: Solid

Group in Periodic Table: 5
Period in Periodic Table: 5
Block in Periodic Table: d
CAS Registry ID: 7440-03-1

Physical Properties

Thermal Properties

Melting Point: 2468 °C
Boiling Point: 4927 °C

Electrical Properties

Electrical Conductivity: Volumetric At 18 °C: 13.2% IACS
Electrical Resistivity: Temperature coefficient, 0 - 600 °C; 0.395 nΩ . m per K

Magnetic Properties

Magnetic Susceptibility: Volume: at 25 °C: 28 x10-6 mks

Optical Properties

Refractive Index: 1.80
Spectral Emittance:: A = 650 nm

Nuclear Properties

Thermal Neutron Cross Section: At 2200 m/s: 1.1 b

Chemical Properties

General Corrosion Behavior: Niobium is highly resistant to corrosion with notable exceptions being dilute strong alkalis, hot concentrated mineral acids and hydrofluoric acid

Mechanical Properties

Wrought: Tensile strength, 585 MPa: elongation, 5%
Annealed: Tensile strength, 275 MPa yield strength, 207 MPa; elongation, 30% reduction in area, 80%

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