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Zirconium is similar to hafnium and is a ductile metal with excellent resistance to corrosion. It has some mechanical properties that are similar in some ways to titanium and certain stainless steels. Zirconium is used in water-cooled nuclear reactors and it is also used in the chemical industry because of its anticorrosion properties. It has good hot and cold formability.


Name: Zirconium
Symbol: Zr
Atomic Number: 40
Atomic Weight: 91.22
Density: α phase: 6.505 g/cm3 (low in hafnium) to 6.574 g/cm3 (high in hafnium) ; β phase at 979°C, 6.046 g/cm3 (high-purity chrystal bar zirconium)
Standard State: Solid

Group in Periodic Table: 4
Period in Periodic Table: 5
Block in Periodic Table: d
CAS Registry ID: 7440-67-7

Physical Properties

Thermal Properties

Melting Point: 1852 ± 2 °C
Boiling Point: 4377 °C

Electrical Properties

Electrical Conductivity: Volumetric 4.1% IACS

Magnetic Properties

Magnetic Susceptibility: Volume 16 x10-6 mks units at 25 °C, 19.2 units at 700 °C, 24 mks units at 860 °C

Chemical Properties

Resistance to Agents: Zirconium is able to remain bright at room temperature but oxidation occurs a moderately high temperatures

Mechanical Properties

Elastic Properties: Tension 99.284 GPa

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