Capabilities: Materials

Skilled with metals from soft aluminum to brittle molybdenum.

Materials and Metallurgical Engineer on Staff

We have extensive experience with a variety of thin gauge materials, particularly with refractory and other specialty metals. Our ability to work with these materials and craft intricate parts sets us apart as a precision metal stamper. We understand the unique properties of these metals. We know their strengths and weaknesses, along with their forming and drawing abilities.

Our great vendor relationships mean you get great value.

47 years working with respected metal suppliers

Our established relationships with our suppliers, 47 years in the making, almost ensures that we get you the highest quality of materials at a competitive price. You also get the best value because our suppliers will only recommend the ideal quality of material needed for your particular application. Our engineers can pick up the phone and work together with our suppliers’ metallurgical experts to solve any unique material challenges that may arise.

We stamp, stock and sell many regular and specialty metals.

Tantalum. Titanium. Niobium and many more.

By maintaining our own stock of specialty materials, we can turn around orders for the tightest of deadlines. Even if you’re not ready to order parts, call us if you’re in a tight spot for material. We would be happy to help.

Materials we draw & form.

Choose a high-grade regular or specialty metal
We stock most thin grade specialty metals