Capabilities: Metal Stampings

Stamping parts out of specialty metals is our specialty.

Low defect rate and delivery in 7 days or less

Whether we’re drawing a deep titanium cup or forming a brass bracket, we excel at big and small custom parts made from thin gauge specialty metals. We’ve produced everything from cones, cups, rings, terminals and more. We are experts in drawing and stamping specialty metals into unique shapes from 0.0001” to 0.25” thick and can deliver most stamped products in 1-7 days. Our press room capabilities include:

  • Air Presses (5 to 10 ton)
  • Compound Dies
  • Hydraulic Presses (15 ton)
  • Line Dies
  • Mechanical Presses (5 to 300 ton)
  • Progressive Stampings
  • Transfer Presses
Drawn cups from thin grade specialty metals

We welcome deep draws and tight tolerances.

Cups, cans, and crucibles are how we made our name

We’ve built our reputation on the precision and quality of our drawn cups, cans, crucibles and cones made from refractory metals. When customers present us with parts that require a very tight tolerance or a deep draw, we utilize a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to craft a part that meets those specifications without any sacrifice in overall quality. Our strengths are well suited for many different types of parts like small motor cases, tantalum capacitor cases and even button battery cases.

We form solutions to your problems.

Our formed parts show our diverse capabilities

Not all of our customers have the need for a thin wall or deep draw, but if your part requires a difficult bend or a tight toleranced pierced hole, we are skilled at formed stampings too. The Standard Die team has a unique understanding of how different specialty metals bend and break which is advantageous when forming any part and limiting waste.

Formed parts from thin grade specialty metals

We’ve honed our craft for 47 years and stamped over a billion parts.

People pursuing perfection

Some orders were small and simple, while others were complex and large in quantity, but for 47 years we’ve been getting it done and learning along the way. We have made each individual process leaner, so we could deliver better parts to our customers in more cost effective ways and at faster speeds. We’ve produced hundreds of different kinds of parts and shipped more than 1.2 billion parts in all.

  • We can produce a wide range of drawn and formed parts