Custom Metal Stamping for the Battery Manufacturing Industry

Battery Component Metal Stamping

When it comes to battery manufacturing, it’s essential to use parts that are high-performing and durable. Battery manufacturers are searching for components that will improve performance and extend battery life without adding excessive weight.

At Standard Die International, we have the battery metal stamping capabilities to meet all of these specifications and more. We are an ISO-9001 certified company known for our superior product quality, service and industry experience.Metal Tops of Batteries

Custom Stamping Capabilities for the Battery Manufacturing Industry

The team at Standard Die International has the manufacturing capability to fabricate a multitude of custom stamping parts used in battery production. We have extensive experience in the production of battery components, including:

  • Terminals
  • Cell tops
  • Caps
  • Topshells
  • Cans
  • Covers

We have long-term experience in the fabrication of terminals in particular. In addition to these battery components, our team has also mastered the production of:

  • Connectors and fuse components
  • Copper busbars
  • Interconnect boards

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Battery Metal Stamping for Any Industry

Standard Die International provides high-quality battery parts to suit the needs of any industry. Some of the top industries we serve when it comes to battery production include:

  • Medical: Our team fabricates parts for a variety of medical device batteries, including pacemakers and other implants that go into the body. In the medical field, it is critical to ensure that battery components are clean, made with cutting-edge precision and have a high-quality surface finish. Our deep drawn stamping techniques allow us to meet all of these requirements in our industry-leading facility.
  • MilitaryWhen it comes to military and defense scenarios, batteries need to perform safely and reliably on a consistent basis. At Standard Die International, we create battery components designed for optimal performance in a wide variety of military systems and equipment.
  • EnergyEnergy and power applications rely on deep drawn metal stamping services, especially for grid storage batteries. Our deep drawn battery enclosures offer several benefits, including a relatively small environmental footprint as well as a lack of hazardous waste produced during fabrication.

Quality Metal Stamping for Battery Manufacturing

Standard Die International offers unparalleled design engineering services for a wide range of industries, including battery manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to control the entire process of fabrication from design through delivery. We work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs and create the perfect product — even for high-volume parts orders.


Unlike many other battery metal stamping companies, Standard Die International doesn’t have a catalog of parts sitting on the shelf waiting for purchase. We produce custom, made-to-order parts with the tightest tolerances for our clients. Our team will work with you through every step of the fabrication process to make sure the parts you create are entirely your own.

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At Standard Die International, we’re a team of specialty metal stampers providing superior service to companies in the battery manufacturing industry. You can count on us to deliver quality precision stamping parts made to your unique specifications. Contact us today to get a quote for your next custom project.

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