Housing and Casing Components for Medical Devices

The medical industry requires particular components to perform a wide range of tasks and craft essential devices. Medical devices, such as casing components for cochlear implants and neurotechnology, require high-quality materials to ensure their safety and performance. Many professionals in this industry turn to metal stamping services for the precise detailing and durable materials they need for viable medical implants.

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Standard Die can perform the precise metal stamping required to create components for medical implants and other devices. We are thin gauge specialty metal stampers with a reputation for delivering superior service. With over 40 years of metal stamping experience, we offer our expertise to create casing components for implantable medical devices. 

medical device metal stamping

What Products Do We Make?

Metal stamping can consistently replicate the intricate details required by virtually any medical device. Standard Die will work with you to create a custom design for any product including device housing and casing. 

Implantable Medical Devices 

Implantable devices are often tiny and allow placement within the human body. These devices include battery packs or items such as clamps, rods and brackets. With expert technology for designing, cutting and stamping metal, Standard Die can create masterful support pieces for implantation.

Surgical Tools

With the right technology, you can also stamp surgical tools such as jaw housings, and doing so can significantly cut their price and required manufacturing time. Standard Die stamps medical device housings such as jaw housings and other surgical equipment with medical-grade metal and tolerances. 


Implantable devices sit within enclosures to protect them from the body’s tendency to reject foreign objects. These titanium enclosures help protect the device and stabilize its function. We create titanium casings with advanced stamping technology and practices, including casing components for cardiovascular, neurological and cochlear implants. 

Metal Stamping Services for the Medical Industry

Standard Die is proud to be an ISO-9001 certified company. We work with you from start to finish on every project, offering design and engineering, tooling, precision metal stamping and deep-drawn parts

When you work with us, you get: 

  • Fast service: You can get a quote from us in less than two days. We can also handle high-volume orders while maintaining our quick process and high quality standards. 
  • Custom parts: We offer customized design services to help you achieve the perfect size, shape and material for your medical device. We also provide assembly service to ease your workflow. 
  • Competitive pricing: We offer affordable prices that are sure to fit within your equipment budget. Metal stamping services can cut costs in comparison to machine-made parts. 
  • Medical-grade materials: Our materials are sanitized to medical standards to keep your patients safe. Our experience in the medical field ensures that you get sterile, biocompatible metal parts.

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In the medical industry, you have to be completely certain that the products you use to treat patients are well-made and built to last. At Standard Die, we understand how crucial every piece of equipment is, so we craft only high-quality components that enhance existing parts and improve working conditions.  

Our goal is to make purchasing stamped metal components as easy as possible, and we want you to have absolute confidence in our products. To learn more about our casing components for cardio, neuro and other devices across various health branches, contact us today for a free quote. 

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