Custom Stampings for Mining Machinery

Metal Parts Fabrication for Mining Machinery

In the mining industry, equipment must be able to stand up to heavy-duty processes and high temperatures. Well-built machinery made from durable metals is critical for mining operations. For example, metal fabrication plays a considerable role in creating equipment like conveyor belts, elevators, drill bits and skips.

At Standard Die International, we manufacture custom parts for crucial mining equipment. With a team of engineers, a careful design process and a dedication to quality, our ISO-9001 certified company makes metal parts that are guaranteed to stand up to heavy-duty operations in the mining industry.mining machinery

Specialty Metals Used in Tool and Die for Mining

For drilling and hauling applications in the mining industry, the metals used in the equipment must be tough. For our metal parts production, we use sturdy materials such as:

  • Niobium: Classified as a steel material, this element has a similar hardness to titanium and ductility like iron.
  • Tantalum: This rare element is extremely hard and resistant to corrosion.
  • Titanium: Also corrosion-resistant, this hard metal has a low density with high strength.
  • Molybdenum: This material has one of the highest melting points among pure elements and is ductile, making it easy to manipulate and shape.

Metal parts for mining should be crafted with precision and designed to withstand the harshest environments in the industry. With a focus on hardness and resistance to heat and corrosion, Standard Die International is your go-to source for custom mining parts fabrication.

Custom Metal Parts for Mining

We specialize in custom precision metal stamping. For the mining industry, we can use this process to create metal parts like drills and drill heads. For example, standard drill bits in oil drilling include Polycrystalline Diamond Composite (PDC) bits and Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) bits.

PDC bits include layers of polycrystalline diamond and carbide to create resistance to high temperature and pressure. With a hard composition that’s strong and resistant to common environments in mining, this drill bit is ideal. We can also produce cutters with PDC that include the same benefits of high heat resistance and the ability to withstand high pressures.

Quality Metal Stamping for the Mining Industry

At Standard Die International, we focus on metal stamping dies and precision tooling. We produce cans, cups and crucibles that support strong metalworking practices for equipment that will last. With custom designs, our metal parts can meet the needs of your specific mining equipment assemblies. Once you’ve designed your custom metal parts, you can order them at a high volume to keep your materials stocked.

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High-quality metal parts fabrication is essential in the mining industry. With our wide selection of customization options, we can build mining parts that offer strength and specificity. We specialize in engineering, metal stamping dies and precision tooling to make metal fabrication efficient and effective. Working alongside our engineers, you can receive metal parts for mining that meet all of your requirements.

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