Tool & Die Metal Parts for Robotics

Metal Parts for Industrial Robotics

For industrial robotics, having an inventory of high-quality metal parts makes a difference in your operations. Whether you’re a robotics manufacturer or a company involved in the robotics industry, you need a source for quality custom metal parts for robotics.

At Standard Die International, our custom metal fabrication services allow you to craft the robot parts you need. With some of the tightest tolerances in the metal stamping industry, our engineering department can custom-build your components to precise specifications. As an ISO-9001 certified company, we guarantee the quality of your parts.  robotic machine

Tool and Die Parts for Robots

With our specialized production skills, we can manufacture a variety of custom robotic parts. Our experience with custom parts includes:

  • Wheels: Whether you’re looking for omniwheels, mecanum wheels or a tri-star design, you can request any kind of wheel from Standard Die International.
  • Bushings: Even the smallest parts play a crucial role in the construction of an industrial robot. Bushings reduce vibrations and friction between connected pieces, making them essential for structural integrity. Customize bushings for a variety of sizes and fits to give any robotic design a solid construction.
  • Chassis: The chassis makes up the body of the robot and acts as the unifying part between all attachments in a robotic assembly. With so much customization in the robot building process, the chassis should align with any potential construction needs. Our engineers can create a chassis design that fits your requirements.
  • Brackets: These parts provide structural integrity. With brackets, attached parts can carry more weight while remaining stable. Depending on the attachments, a bracket could be a variety of shapes and sizes, which lends itself well to customization.
  • Arms: Industrial robot arms exist in a wide range of shapes and sizes. With an emphasis on mobility, these parts should be made to the necessary specifications of a robot design.
  • Motor mounts: With a large selection of motor types, such as DC geared, servo and linear motors, it’s crucial to fit a motor mount to the motor type. Much like the chassis, the motor mount has to be conducive to the construction needs of a robot.

Quality Metal Stamping for the Robotics Industry

With 50 years of experience in metal stamping, Standard Die International can make robot parts to your precise specifications. With compound dies, hydraulic presses, progressive stampings and more, there are many possibilities for customization. Once you’ve completed a custom design with our engineering team, you can order parts at a high volume for your supply needs.

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In industrial robotics, design possibilities push the industry to innovate and improve. At Standard Die International, we offer end-to-end customization for a variety of robotics parts to help your company continue to innovate. Our design engineering services focus on your needs, working with you every step of the way to create a fully functional design based on your requirements.

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