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Stamping parts out of specialty metals is our specialty.


At Standard Die International, we offer custom precision stamping services for a wide variety of industries. From smaller metalworking applications to mass-production of manufactured parts, we handle every process so you can manufacture and service products with reliable metal and plastic parts.

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Whether drawing a deep titanium cup or completing custom stamping part orders, we excel at small and medium-sized custom parts, such as small, deep-drawn stainless steel components made from thin gauge specialty metals.

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We’ve produced everything from cones, cups, rings, terminals, brackets, washers, assemblies and much more. We are experts in drawing and stamping specialty metals into unique shapes from 0.0001 to 0.25 inches thick and can deliver most stamped products in one to seven days.

Our press room capabilities include:

  • Air presses (5 to 10 ton): An air press, also known as a pneumatic press, is a metal stamping machine that relies on pressurized air to form and press materials. This process is a clean, low-maintenance solution best suited for assembling, shaping and piercing smaller parts, including medical equipment and automotive components.
  • Compound dies: If you’re making small, flat parts such as washers, compound dies can handle the job. The compound die-stamping process involves a machine performing multiple actions in a single stroke. It’s a cost-effective way to handle simple pressing applications with increased production speeds.
  • Hydraulic presses (15 ton): Hydraulic presses operate with pressurized hydraulic fluid. While they work at a slower rate than air presses or compound dies, they’re better suited for tougher metal materials. Whether you need industrial metal stamping or not, you can use hydraulic precision metal stamping solutions to shape various products, including aerospace components, appliance parts, gear assemblies, small, deep-drawn stainless steel parts and more.
  • Line dies: Unlike automated dies, line dies must be loaded by hand or external machines. Because of their non-automated process, they’re often used to handle low-volume production applications. These versatile machines also stamp and bend larger, bulkier parts for the automotive, aerospace and furniture industries.
  • Mechanical presses (5 to 300 ton): A mechanical press, as the name suggests, operates using mechanical components to stamp, punch and bend materials. This machine comes with a motor, which powers a high-speed pressing action. A manufacturer may use a mechanical press to work with sheet metal and similar flat materials.
  • Progressive stampings: When you’re metal stamping small parts at high volumes with tight tolerances, progressive stamping provides the ideal solution. This method involves a stamping press that forms, bends and punches parts simultaneously. Manufacturers often use this method to make electronic parts, appliance parts and automotive parts.
  • Transfer presses: Transfer die stamping stations are designed with transport systems that allow them to move parts between stages. Great for high volumes, these machines are equipped to handle more precise and intricate applications. Whether you’re working with ferrous, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or titanium materials, a transfer press may provide the support you need.

Standard Capabilities for Metal Stamped Parts

Our metal stamping presses use calculated pressure and force to produce complex parts with tight tolerances and high accuracy. Our equipment enables us to create tailor-made components for customers requiring intricate designs with higher manufacturing efficiency and reduced waste.

Our metal stamping equipment provides a high degree of customization and is adaptable to meet specific product requirements. Using streamlined setups and advanced tooling, we produce high-quality parts with minimal variance, a benefit critical for an extensive industry range.

The following measurements indicate our primary capabilities:

  • Maximum press stroke: Up to 6 inches (152.4 millimeters or 15.24 centimeters)
  • Maximum press bed length: Up to 60 inches (1,524 millimeters or 152.4 centimeters)
  • Maximum press bed width: Up to 40 inches (1,016 millimeters or 101.6 centimeters)
  • Part length maximum: Up to 8 inches
  • Part width maximum: Up to 8 inches
  • Part diameter maximum: Up to 4 inches
  • Average standard tolerance: +/- .001 inches
  • Maximum tolerance: .00025 inches

We welcome deep draws and tight tolerances.


At Standard Die International, we’ve built our reputation as the leading tight tolerance industrial metal stamping company on the precision and quality of our drawn cups, cans, crucibles and cones made from refractory metals. When customers present us with small parts that require a very tight tolerance or a deep draw, we utilize a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to craft a part that meets those specifications without any sacrifice in overall quality. Our strengths are well suited for many different types of components like small motor cases, tantalum capacitor cases and even button battery cases.

Requirements we can handle include:

  • Deep drawn stamping capabilities: Deep drawn stamping is one of our many specialties, and we work with products of many shapes and sizes to ensure they meet your needs. This type of forming and stamping is ideal for materials and parts that are greater in depth, and we can create all types of parts, such as small deep drawn stainless steel parts, with our many capabilities. Some of our applications include coining, bending, piercing and threading.
  • Tight tolerance capability: Regardless of the material, tooling design or application complexity, we maintain tight tolerances in our stamping projects. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry and extensive background in the metal stamping process, we can uphold higher standards of performance and cost savings by strictly adhering to your part specifications.

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Expert Quality Control & Superior Customer Service

Few manufacturing processes come close to the consistency and accuracy that metal stamping delivers. Our equipment lineup and unparalleled manufacturing expertise enable us to produce parts in complex geometries while maintaining the tightest tolerances. Choosing us for your parts manufacturing needs allows you to experience additional benefits like:

  • Cost-efficiency: Metal stamping delivers increased efficiency and faster production times than other manufacturing methods. By maximizing our equipment capabilities, we minimize the number of presses required to produce a part and decrease the labor needed. All these advantages result in a lower cost for your final product.
  • Full customization: Metal stamping can handle a broad material range for various applications across many industries, specifically in large-quantity volumes. Specialized tooling enables us to produce fully customized components based on each client’s needs. We have also mastered working with many materials, from titanium, niobium, stainless steel, aluminum to copper and brass & many more.
  • Expert quality control: Our ISO 9001:2015 certification enables us to strive for defect-free production. We implement multiple quality control parameters throughout each metal stamping process to ensure consistency and repeatability.
  • Superior customer service: At Standard Die International, our customer service team aims to provide you with the individualized attention you serve using honest, transparent communication, regardless of the size or type of your company. We pride ourselves on delivering fast quotes and offering some of the industry’s shortest turnaround times.


We’ve honed our craft for 50 years and stamped over a billion parts.


Some orders were small and simple, while others were complex and large in quantity, but for 50 years we’ve been getting it done and learning along the way. We have made each individual process leaner, so we could deliver better parts to our customers in more cost effective ways and at faster speeds. We’ve produced hundreds of different kinds of parts and shipped more than 1.5 billion parts in all.


If you want to learn more about how our production capabilities can benefit your operation, the professionals at Standard Die International can guide you. We offer custom metal stamping services for every industrial metalworking application. For more information, request a free quote online today.

Design Engineers & Company Founder In 1974
“Design engineers George LaFleur (left) and Richard Felberg (center) working with owner, Al Menzies (right) on a proprietary design in 1974”

About Standard Die

A History of Service and Excellence


When Al Menzies Sr. established Standard Die over 50 years ago, his plan was simple: stand out from the competition. As the first metal stamper to the industrial diamond industry, he was unwilling to compromise his values. He made sure integrity, customer service and quality were integrated into every aspect of the business and, as a result, designed and manufactured some of the world’s finest products for the industrial diamond industry.

Our Mission:
” To make the purchasing of metal stampings painless.”

By pursuing this mission for more than four decades, we have grown from a start up tool and die operation to a world-class metal stamping company. With more than a billion parts delivered, we have provided precision drawing and stamping services to customers spanning the industrial diamond, automotive, aircraft, electrical and medical industries across the globe.

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