Common Parts We Make

With the rise of production demand among various industries in the United States, there is also a growing demand for metal stamping services. Metal stamping is an essential part of manufacturing. This process reduces labor and production costs while maintaining precision and efficiency.

To keep your operations going and increase productivity, you need custom metal stamping that aligns with your manufacturing and design needs and can boost your workflow. With intricate parts fabrication for various industries and applications, Standard Die offers reliable, superior metal stamping. Enjoy streamlined processes and increased efficiencies when you work with us.

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Explore the Common Parts We Make

At Standard Die, we specialize in high-volume precision metal stamping. Along the way, we have excelled in fabricating many custom products, with some of the most popular being:

Washer Parts Fabrication

Washers are small metal parts typically used to distribute the load or secure other components of the bolt and nut assembly. These pieces prevent screws from coming loose and help ensure safety when operating machinery.

Standard Die offers washer parts fabrication for various industries, such as electronics, gas and oil. We can produce almost all types of washers, including flat, cup, square, spring and special shape washers.


Our can parts fabrication components are used for alkaline batteries and medical device batteries like pacemakers. We also offer custom stamping services for can lids, ensuring you have all the components you need for production.

Metal stamping cans use steel, one of the materials we excel in. You can count on our design experts to produce cans according to your specifications and at the highest level of quality. Our can parts fabrication is ideal for electronics and medical industries.


Along with cans and crucibles, cups are among the products that helped build our reputation as a world-class metal stamping company. We offer cup parts fabrication to clients, using our cutting-edge technology. Our mastery of metal stamping stainless steel makes it easy to fabricate cups in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

We offer cup parts fabrication for various industries, with deep-drawn cups used for storage and others used for automotive parts and several other applications.

Clip Parts Fabrication

Clips are part of our list of tight-tolerance products that require the utmost precision and metal stamping expertise. Standard Die takes pride in our ability to produce high-quality metal clips for use in industries such as military, aerospace, construction and automotive. We use multi-slide and progressive dies designed by our in-house experts to cater to your requirements.


Standard Die has long-term experience in terminal parts fabrication. It is one of the first metal stamping projects we offered and mastered as a startup several decades ago. Our high-speed metal stamping capability allows us to produce metal terminals with accuracy. This creates the perfect fit for components and the seamless operation of your machinery. Our terminals have various industry applications, including electronics and aerospace.


We have extensive industry experience producing precision cups where accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. Our services will add value to your operations with complex cap parts engineered for valves, hoses, fillers, batteries, fuses and other applications. Standard Die utilizes the most progressive technology to deliver quality stamped metal parts you can rely on.

Deep Drawn Eyelets

Standard Die’s engineers are committed to the efficiency of your manufacturing plant, so we engineer eyelets for precision. Often used for appliances and in the medical industry, our eyelets come in various metals and are built to last. Get specialized eyelet parts that boost plant efficiency and decrease downtime.


Standard Die manufactures enclosures to house an array of mechanical and electrical components, including lighters, antennae, activators, regulators and transistors. Whether you’re in automotive, electrical or any other industries needing precise enclosures, we can offer custom metal stamping to meet your operational needs.


Our team leverages our skills to engineer precise-fit covers for components that suit automotive work and other industrial applications. With decades of experience and a passion for excellence, we’ll ensure you get superior car parts fabrication to meet your exact requirements. Get custom-built electronic, sensor, appliance, medical and other covers to meet your unique needs.


Get top-quality fasteners for superior joining capabilities. With advanced engineering processes and in-house tooling, Standard Die produces fasteners that fit your application needs. With superior metal stamping for parts fabrication, we meet and exceed your project goals. We manufacture fasteners for engines, appliances, medical equipment and other applications.


Ferrules are tube-shaped rings with an opening on both ends. These metal parts join or fasten two parts together or provide shielding action for more intricate pieces. Our team can expertly assess your needs with you to design and engineer ferrules according to your specifications. We produce ferrules for tool handles, fuses, brooms, hoses and several other uses to fit your needs. Receive high-quality metal parts made with durable materials.


Pins are used for automotive, medical, electronic and other applications. We manufacture pins for any industry using high-precision engineering so you can continue operations. CAD software assists our design and printing process, ensuring accurate measurements and specialist parts fabrication. Get automotive, electronic, electrical, medical and other pins.


We understand you need robust, reliable shells for automotive, medical or other industries. Shells play an essential role as containers or coverings, and we pride ourselves on producing robust shells with accurate dimensions. Boost your plants’ productivity with Standard Die’s custom-made shells for ammunition, industrial, filter and other applications.


Multiple industries use custom housings to encase intricate components like pumps, transistors and sensors. We provide superior housing for your specific application so you can reach your project goals quickly while staying productive. Our stamping services encompass parts for lighter, lamp part, regulator and other housings —use our in-house tooling and advanced engineering to boost your operations.


Many industries use terminals, and we engineer these robust metal parts according to your industry and manufacturing needs. Our engineers metal stamp and produce various medical, electronic, appliance, automotive and other terminals, so you get intricate designs with precise dimensions. Improve the efficiency of your manufacturing plant and save on costs with custom terminals built according to your unique needs.


Whether you need larger or more intricate nozzles, Standard Die specializes in engineering intricate parts with precision and attention to detail. With an inclusive design process and responsive production practices, you’ll get efficient, durable nozzles that add value to your manufacturing plant. We perform stamping services on nozzles for use in appliances and medical, water, electrical, spray and other applications.


Deep drawn tubes can have many uses and are used in various aerospace, appliance and brake applications. With advanced software capabilities to read and translate your files for an accurate quote, we can meet precise tube dimensions for your specific industry. Get oil level tubes, automotive, appliance, medical, electrical and custom tubes engineered according to your industry requirements.


Standard Die manufactures cases for batteries, medical applications, pens, pencils and other industries. Our advanced technology and rigorous adherence to quality control measures ensure you get superior cases for any application. We specialize in complex projects where precise stamping is critical. Trust our team of engineers to produce custom cases for your operations.

Why Choose Standard Die?

We are a full-service metal stamping company specializing in designing custom metal parts for various industries. Our team of highly experienced senior design engineers delivers high-quality cost-effective solutions.

With our in-house tooling capability, we can ensure the quality and precision of our services. We have more flexibility in providing customized solutions to meet our clients’ specifications. It also helps us cut down on production time without compromising quality.

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Design Engineers & Company Founder In 1974
“Design engineers George LaFleur (left) and Richard Felberg (center) working with owner, Al Menzies (right) on a proprietary design in 1974”

About Standard Die

A History of Service and Excellence


When Al Menzies Sr. established Standard Die over 50 years ago, his plan was simple: stand out from the competition. As the first metal stamper to the industrial diamond industry, he was unwilling to compromise his values. He made sure integrity, customer service and quality were integrated into every aspect of the business and, as a result, designed and manufactured some of the world’s finest products for the industrial diamond industry.

Our Mission:
” To make the purchasing of metal stampings painless.”

By pursuing this mission for more than four decades, we have grown from a start-up tool and die operation to a world-class metal stamping company. With more than a billion parts delivered, we have provided precision drawing and stamping services to customers spanning the industrial diamond, automotive, aircraft, electrical and medical industries across the globe.

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