What Are the Benefits of Custom Metal Stamping?

What Are the Benefits of Custom Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is not required to have a standard form found in a catalog. In fact, custom metal stamping allows for innumerable options, compatibility, durability and many more benefits compared to off-the-shelf models. When your production demands an option specific to your needs, connect with custom tool and die companies to create the tailored variation you require.

Catalog vs. Custom Metal Stamping

Catalog vs. Custom Metal Stamping

Metal stamping presses metal into various shapes. The process can use standard production methods to create catalog models. However, facilities outfitted with various forms of stamping equipment can customize parts to meet specific customer needs.

Catalog, also known as standard, parts come in predetermined sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, these components do not fit all needs across every industry. For instance, the construction of some components may require highly specific tolerances not guaranteed in catalog parts.

Plus, the materials needed for a part may not be among those used in standard options. For instance, parts used in prosthetics, electrolytic capacitors and aerospace components may require components made from tantalum. This metal has high-quality deep drawing capabilities and a high melting point. It may not be commonly found in standard parts due to its use for highly specific purposes.

Being in control over the design process of the parts means you indicate the tolerances required, special shapes, materials, finishes and more that you cannot get when selecting from a catalog. By choosing metal stamping custom designs or another tailored tooling for your projects, you have maximum control in ensuring the parts meet your needs.

Benefits of Custom Metal Stamping

Benefits of Custom Metal Stamping

Custom metal stamping provides unmatched benefits for those who embrace it. The advantages of customizing tooling include compatibility, reliability, durability, customization and ownership. If these attributes matter for your project, customizing parts should be your first choice.

1. Compatibility With Your Components

Stock components do not often align with the rest of your products. To ensure compatibility, you should customize the fabrication of the parts. In doing so, you ensure the parts meet the size and shape your project requires. When working with us at Standard Die, you can choose from many metals and customization options to ensure the fabricated parts are compatible with the components they need to work with.

2. Reliability

Customized parts come with the benefit of working with design and engineering teams throughout the process. With their expertise, your products meet the cost and manufacturability requirements you set forth. Plus, you can rely on the parts’ performance during use because you know they meet your standards.

3. Accuracy of Creation

Part reliability stems from the assurance of the accuracy of its creation. Professional customization services that meet your needs include adhering to the tolerances you set forth. Even when using the parts in proprietary situations, such as robotics applications or medical devices, that require reliable function based on accurately formed parts, you can know the customized parts will perform as expected.

4. High Durability

Durability is essential for many industries. For instance, aerospace applications require components that fit together and work in harsh environments of temperature and moisture extremes. Customization allows you to select the most durable materials for the purpose of the part. Choosing materials for the part fabrication to withstand intended conditions is another way that customization excels over using standard parts.

5. Complete Part Customization

With standard parts, you may only have options to add holes or choose the finish. When you customize components for metal stamping, you have the ability to tailor every aspect of the creation, and you are not alone during the process. At Standard Die, we assist you throughout the customization of your parts. Our services include assisting with design, choosing materials, identifying finishes and more. We have more than five decades of expertise backing up our suggestions and production.

6. Proprietary Ownership

Unlike standard parts that have ownership by their manufacturer, you gain the proprietary rights to your parts. When you have a die crafted for your parts by Standard Die, we only use it for your part metal stampings.

With full ownership of the customized parts and their designs, you can avoid problems with competitors trying to recreate your products by using the same metal-stamped parts. They must customize their own dies for creating their metal parts. They cannot use your die for production because you own the rights to the design.

Applications of Customized Metal Stamping

Several industries require the use of customized metal stamped parts. A few of the industries we have created products for include the following:

Automotive Industry

For the automotive industry, the production of high volumes of custom parts is common. Progressive die stamping fills this need for customization and volume. Progressive stamping also produces small parts that frequently appear in engines, cabins and throughout vehicles. With new automobile models introduced annually, the need for custom parts for this industry does not diminish. At Standard Die, we have the capacity, stamping tools and expertise to meet the needs of this highly competitive sector.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry needs both small seals and connectors and larger components, such as pipeline parts. Many of these parts may end up on off-shore rigs with temperature extremes, salt exposure and high moisture levels. Choosing metals to meet these demands and stand up to frequent use and heavy wear is one way to optimize part creation through customization.

For large orders of small seals or connectors for refineries, transport, or pumps, progressive stamping serves the need. With progressive stamping, you get customized parts produced in a cost-effective, high-volume manner to optimize price and production.

Medical Industry

During times of high demand for ventilators and other medical devices that require customized parts, a quick turnaround can save lives. With our ability to respond to quotes within a day or two, you can make rapid decisions for fulfilling ventilator and other device orders.

For medical purposes, the production of components is tightly controlled regarding materials and tolerances. When creating medical housing or devices, you need parts made from metals that won’t wear or react when used inside or around human bodies. For instance, implanted device enclosures require titanium to protect the devices from the body. Common devices that use these types of enclosures include implants in the brain, heart and ear.

Due to the individual nature of patients, customizing the sizes and designs of these enclosures and other medical parts is essential for ensuring compatibility with patients. Surgical tools, implant components and more made from medical-grade metals are possible with custom metal stamping.

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry uses customized metal stamped parts for the creation of battery components, washers, connectors and sensor parts. Choosing the types of materials used in part creation can optimize the performance of electronics and electrical components. For instance, you can request the creation of mica-containing insulators for your parts or tantalum for wires used in the cell phones, appliances or other small electronic devices you create.

If you need to mass-produce large volumes of products that use your customized parts, ask us about progressive die stamping that fulfills the need for large amounts of small parts.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry must ensure every component used meets the forms, tolerances and dimensions required. Lives and mission successes rest on the accuracy and reliability of every part of an aerospace craft.

When requesting customized parts for this industry, working with a company that strives for zero defects in customized parts is essential. Having zero defect parts is one of our goals at Standard Die. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we must meet rigorous industrial standards. Our customers benefit from these requirements by getting well-crafted, reliable parts made with accuracy and precision.

Through computer-aided design, pre- and post-production quality assurance measures, and our in-process inspections, we can ensure your aerospace components meet your specifications.

Construction and Housing Industry

Custom-built homes and renovations are increasingly popular in the construction and housing industry. To meet the demands of these new constructions, builders may need to turn to custom-created components such as trusses, fuse boxes, brackets, clips and more. These parts may go into electronics, lighting, housings and structures for construction projects.

One of the major markers of the construction industry is the need for part longevity. Components must meet strict building requirements while ensuring years of life in place. To ensure the correct fit for metal parts used in this industry, request customization. Additionally, you can choose the materials to balance cost and longevity for your projects.

Mining Industry

The metal used for mining equipment has to hold up to the intense processes of drilling, extracting, hauling and moving mined materials. With mining spanning products as hard as stone to softer sand, the tools used in the sector also have to be versatile and durable.

Mining equipment needs to use some of the toughest materials. Common materials used in mining gear include niobium, molybdenum, titanium and tantalum. These durable metals withstand corrosion, pressure and heat for use in drill heads, cups, cans, drills and more.

Precision in creating mining parts ensures the performance and accuracy of the parts and their compatibility with the equipment. Durable construction to precise measurements for use in harsh environments is the mark of quality parts custom-made for the mining industry.

Alternative Energy Industry

The alternative energy industry includes solar, wind, hydroelectric and other sources of power aside from fossil fuels. Across the country, the demand for alternative, cleaner power sources is on the rise. Consequently, you may find a greater need for customized parts for the creation of products to generate energy.

To accommodate the needs of this sector, facilities produce custom-designed solar panels, wind turbines and other energy collecting devices. These products often do not accommodate standard parts from catalogs. To get the exact parts your products need, customize them with our metal stamping services.

Why Choose Standard Die for Your Custom Metal Stamping

Why Choose Standard Die for Your Custom Metal Stamping?

We understand you have many options for custom tool and die companies. At Standard Die, we stand apart from the rest in several ways. Taking advantage of our benefits gives you a partner in custom metal stamping that you can trust:

1. Wide Range of Materials

First, our work has allowed us to become masters at working with more than 14 specialty metals, from aluminum through zirconium. Whatever material your project needs, we likely have the capabilities to work with it thanks to our materials and metallurgical engineer on staff. Additionally, we have relationships with metal suppliers to ensure the quality of the materials we obtain for creating your parts.

2. Years of Experience

Our family-owned operation has more than 50 years of business behind us. Over the years, we have met the needs of a wide range of industries that require custom metal stamping capability. As noted, these industries range from oil and gas to alternative energy and medicine. If you don’t find your sector listed, ask us. Our metal stamping customization abilities are not limited to any specific industry.

3. Multiple Capabilities From Our Stamping Room

Within our stamping room, we have the tools available to produce a variety of components. For instance, our capabilities include several presses and dies to form the parts to your specifications.

Our presses include 15-ton hydraulic presses, 5-ton to 10-ton air presses, 5-ton to 300-ton mechanical presses, and transfer presses. These many press types allow for working with metal, smaller parts, tough metals and high volumes.

Additionally, we have several dies to meet our customers’ customization requirements. Line, compound and progressive stamping dies can shape, bend and punch parts for tight tolerances, low volume or flat components.

4. Tight Tolerances and Deep Draws

Don’t worry if your project requires deep draws or tight tolerances. Our equipment allows us to create these precision metal stamping parts. For deep draw projects, our tools allow us to coin, pierce, thread or bend metal to achieve the desired form.

Tight tolerances, often required in military, automotive and aerospace applications, are one of the areas in which we excel. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, winner of an Outstanding Customer Service Award and a GE Six Sigma Award winner. Trust us with your projects, even if it requires exacting standards for tolerances and other specs.

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